Kevin Shanley and Mike Cismesia are the heart of Shanley + Associates. They have been working together for more than twenty years. You will not find a more dynamic duo. They also employ a community of associates that includes web designers, email specialists, copywriters, plus much more…

Kevin Shanley and Mike Cismesia are publishing marketing pros. They know the business of magazine publishing and marketing inside and out. Direct mail, space ads, outdoor advertising, trade shows, public relations, infomercials, franchise groups, and the web are all part of their extensive marketing expertise.

They turn businesses around financially by applying a unique blend of financial analysis, circulation management, and marketing. They crunch and analyze numbers that point their clients in the right direction. They can forecast the return on every marketing dollar invested even before a campaign is mailed. They know how to manage marketing risk, thereby saving their clients hundreds of thousands of marketing dollars. They take the guesswork out of marketing and replace it with a disciplined process that manages risk. They know the shortest route to both profitability and circulation growth.

Plus, working with Kevin and Mike is fun! You can be guaranteed a generous dose of humor. As with any relationship, getting along with others creates the backbone of trust. Clients trust Kevin and Mike, making it very easy not only to put their recommendations into practice, but to recommend them to others as well.

Shanley + Associates is dedicated to not-for-profit and niche publishing operations. They work with many special interest publishers because it's a personal area of interest for Kevin Shanley and a market he knows well. Satisfied clients include organizations of diverse religious beliefs and many independent literary journals.

In addition to not-for-profits, Shanley + Associates has served a wide variety of niche organizations. Within association management, the firm has served financial, medical, and business publishing. In training and education, niches include insurance, securities, real estate, and professional continuing education, among others.

At Shanley + Associates, we write the plans and, for many of our clients, we work to implement the plans.