Kevin Shanley started in the circulation business at the age of ten. While growing up in LaGrange, Illinois, he delivered four Chicago daily newspapers: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Daily News, and Chicago American. His Schwinn Tornado bicycle had the largest newspaper basket in town. The Shanley family was the bedrock of Kevin's entrepreneurial spirit and community service.

For more than twenty five years, the staff at Shanley + Associates has been selling magazines, books, newsletters, pamphlets, training, newspapers, continuing education, memberships, and a whole lot more.

Kevin Shanley began his professional publishing career in 1979 as circulation manager for Claretian Publications. In addition to managing the circulation for several established journals, Kevin was involved in several start-ups, selling books, newsletters and pamphlets. Kevin also led the team in designing circulation management systems, and managing customer service, order entry, and the back office operations of a multi-million dollar fundraising division.

After leaving Claretian Publications, Kevin became the circulation and advertising director for the National Safety Council's publishing division that included six magazines and more than 20 newsletters. The circulation ranged from two million to a few thousand subscribers across all the periodicals. Kevin managed the advertising sales and circulation departments. He created successful business-to-business marketing campaigns used by the franchisees to sell bulk subscriptions to industry, including many Fortune 500 companies and national government agencies.

A new opportunity presented itself at Dearborn Financial Publishing in the early 1990s. Dearborn created a new position, vice president of marketing. Under Kevin’s leadership, the new consolidated marketing department served six different publishing divisions.Rresponsibilities included staffing, budgeting, database management, creative services, trade show management for more than 120 events each year, starting a new direct response division targeting eight million small business owners, and participating in senior management leadership for the $45 million business.

After Dearborn was acquired in 1999, Shanley + Associates was born. Believing that other publishers needed help with their financial publishing vision and circulation growth, Kevin took his show on the road. In strategic partnership with several publishing associations, Kevin built his consulting business one client at a time, solving problems, introducing new products, raising renewal rates, testing prices, expanding marketing universes, finding new profits, and setting record circulation levels for numerous clients.

Based on his many decades of experience, Kevin Shanley is a firm believer: The real business of selling intellectual property is a skill refined and honed by working in the publishing trenches every day. For more than 25 years, Kevin has written the copy, designed the packages, tested the offers, conceived the renewal series, tracked the results, written the budgets, completed the analysis, and offered the strategic vision for hundreds of products. And he’s done a whole lot more.

Kevin's analytical mind and vision have found tens of thousands of new readers for hundreds of magazines. Kevin can do the same for you.

Mike Cismesia

Mike Cismesia, formerly the production manager at one of the busiest printing firms in Chicago, has partnered formally and informally with Kevin for more than two decades. Mike knows print production and manufacturing like the back of his hand. Each and every day, Mike is cutting expenses and increasing margins for clients by purchasing and designing smarter.

Mike is a graphic design wizard. Marrying graphic design skills with print production experience means that when Mike is designing a new piece, he is simultaneously thinking through all the production processes. That means clients receive the biggest bang for their marketing dollar in printing, merge/purge, and lettershop services. Mike has cut direct mail printing expenses in half and increased the response rate in the same mailing.