“Kevin Shanley provided exactly what the Christian Century needed: an energetic and imaginative shot of marketing adrenalin. He has pushed us to think in new ways about the delicate but necessary business of telling potential readers about our journal. He has become a valued partner.”

John M. Buchanan
The Christian Century

“Through our 30 years of magazine publishing, Sojourners has encountered scores of consultants. In recent memory, Kevin Shanley stands out as one of the most honest, pragmatic, and creative analysts to have helped Sojourners identify growth areas, assess profitability, and track ROI. In our first meeting alone, Kevin grasped our nuanced business model and provided initial feedback that demonstrated his knowledge of our niche marketplace. More importantly, Kevin's advice has already resulted in a positive impact on our bottom line -- no small feat in a tough economy. Kevin is reliable, thorough, and sound--not to mention personable. He has become a trusted member of our team.”

Tucker Ball

“Kevin Shanley brings more than one solution for every problem and a lot of creative energy to his work. Kevin has helped Sojourners magazine and the broader organization with a variety of different challenges. His "can do" attitude and hands-on style is a great asset.”

Cynthia Martens
Director of Circulation

“In an industry driven more by mission than Fortune 500 business tactics, the impact of Shanley + Associates’ consulting services could not be more significant. Kevin Shanley combines a unique sensitivity and awareness of the engine behind any mission-driven organization (no matter what the cause), with extensive experience implementing proven tactical circulation marketing strategies to move the circulation and revenue needles in the right direction.

Much like the parable of teaching a man to fish instead of feeding him for a day, education and training is as much a part of Shanley + Associates' services as introducing any new marketing campaign. Identifying key growth indicators and how to affect change in the indicators is a high priority, thereby maintaining the effectiveness of the strategy long after any initial marketing pieces lose their luster.

Most importantly, Kevin Shanley’s work is always followed by results. Higher circulation and higher revenue may require additional expenses and tough decisions, but he doesn't spend someone else's money for the sake of spending money. That's where the understanding of the mission and the customer comes into play. Kevin Shanley's strategies adjust as his customer's goals adjust, and at the end of the day, results follow.”

John Christensen
Director of Strategic Marketing
Our Sunday Visitor

"Kevin Shanley is a marketing master with the added skills of being able to take the diverse goals of many and create a unified message. His secret talent is that he can magically coax people who typically would not work together to become both allies and friends. Dearborn Financial Publishing was made up of four divisions, all related, all operating separately. Kevin created a new position, "Vice President of Marketing." In that role, he single handedly forged a unified message for the whole organization. In doing so, he helped the company significantly reduce marketing waste and improve sales results."

Dennis Blitz
Former President
Dearborn Financial Publishing

"Kevin Shanley knows marketing inside and out. He is not a guy full of theories, smoke, and mirrors. He is a realist who knows that marketing is ultimately about taking an honest look at your business and taking concrete, measurable steps to improve it. If you have Kevin Shanley on your side, you can count on getting positive results.”

Tom McGrath
TrueQuest Communications, Inc.

“Shanley + Associates helped us clarify our goals by viewing the marketing needs of individual publications within the broader perspective of the overall business objectives of our publishing house. It was an extremely beneficial exercise for our company, and Shanley + Associates demonstrated the utmost respect and professional courtesy during the sometimes-difficult process.”

Patrice J. Touhy
Executive Director and Co-Publisher
TrueQuest Communications, Inc.

“Shanley + Associates are the 'can do' guys. Whenever I need help with direct mail marketing, I know that I can depend on Kevin Shanley to produce strategic, timely, and effective ideas that get the job done.”

Cristina Benitez
Lazos Latinos
Latino Branding and Advertising

“Kevin Shanley helped us organize our new business development program. He advised us on concepts, implementation, and hiring. As a result, our new business development program has taken off like a rocket.”

Rich Carlson
Carlson Environmental, Inc.
Former Director of the Illinois EPA

“Shanley + Associates’ approach to marketing is keeping a clear sense of purpose. That's what I value about Kevin. Everyone can get lost in their message, even well-meaning people in non-profits. I believe Kevin's approach is sensitive to mission and practical at the same time. In approaching a marketing project, Kevin has a clear sense that there is no mission without margin. He builds support with purpose.”

Joe Potaczek
National Safety Council

“Shanley + Associates helps tackle the big picture, always mindful of the nitty-gritty of periodical marketing. Kevin and his team brought strategic focus to our efforts while also refining the fundamentals of effective direct response marketing for our many periodicals, pamphlets, and books. Most importantly, Kevin is a team builder. He gets others involved, he spreads information around, and he encourages creative effort. If you are satisfied with what you're doing, keep doing it. But if you want to take a fresh look at your marketing, and you need a supportive, attentive, and experienced consultant to help in objectively assessing it, I would highly recommend Kevin and his team.”

Greg Erlandson
President and Publisher
Our Sunday Visitor Publishing